Never used vinyl?

I have been looking at some AMAZING things on Pinterest created from vinyl, but I also see so many comments from people about how they feel like they could never do that . . . why?

Fear of messing up? 

Making the first cut might be scary, but weren’t we all scared with we cut our first piece of expensive or glittery paper? I know I was! Heck, for a LONG TIME I would pick the cheaper papers for my projects because I did not want to wreck the more expensive ones. Then I realized that those papers were being wasted because I just let them sit instead of jumping in and creating with them.

Hard to work with? 

It depends on the product you use. Remember when contact paper was harder to work with? I am going to date myself, but I am talking about a LONG time ago when you had to stick it right the first time because that is where it stuck for GOOD. Now a days it is more forgiving . . . and there are some vinyls, or vinyl like products that are more forgiving also.

I even posted a message thread about this topic on the Cricut Message Board to get people talking about what they are afraid of and why they have not given vinyl, or vinyl like products, a try.  If you would like to see that message thread you can read it by clicking HERE.

If you have always wanted to try a project with vinyl (or a vinyl like product) but have not made the jump, let’s talk about why and together we can find answers to the most common questions out there.  Trust me . . . once you try it you will be happy you did!


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