Open Letter to ProvoCraft

I have been thinking about doing this for a while, but when an email I received this week was the thing that pushed me to write this post.  Let me tell you about the email . . . it was sent through the Contact Us page at . . . here is what the email said . . .

I called Provo Craft asking about a Cricut cartridge with doctors, dentists, nurse, etc. The representative gave me this website and said I could find one on it.

Wait a minute . . . did I read that right?!?!?!  A ProvoCraft representative sent you to to find the image you were looking for!?!?!?!  First off, I think it is great that even ProvoCraft refers people to our site but I do have to wonder if they are referring people to our site, why won’t they return our calls or emails?  We still want to work with them.

So here it is, my open letter to ProvoCraft.  This is actually a copy of the first letter I sent to them to try and get them to work with us, back when our site was called and I have updated it for this post to read

We wanted to contact you about a resource that we feel is a valuable tool to the Cricut community.  It is an online datatbase, called, that allows it’s users to find the images they are looking for from their Cricut Cartridges quickly.  For example, if you want to cut a peace sign with your Cricut but you don’t know what, if any, cartridges have a image of a peace sign available.  Just type peace sign into the search bar, hit search, and it will show you a preview of the handbooks where you can find that image.

 Here are a few testimonials from the Cricut community ~ I am handicapped and have trouble using my hands.  I usually have to wait until a friend can help me look through the handbooks.  Not anymore thanks to your search engine.  Thank you so much!         

 ~ S 

I stumbled upon your site this morning as I was conducting my usual morning blog hopping activities looking for new ideas for cardmaking and scrapbooking. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love your site. It is going to be a joy to visit to find a particular cut instead of having to search through my +50 cartridges. I recently completed a teapot shaped gift card holder and knew there was a teapot cut on the ‘A Child’s Year’ cartridge, but with your site, I could have compared that cut with the one on the ‘Ashlyn’s Alphabet’ cartridge had I known about your site then. Again, thank you for this absolutely vital service that you are providing me and other Cricut crafters around the world.    

~ A 

We have also had people contact us to let us know that due to the search results on they now have a much longer list of cartridges on their “wish list”.  We would like to continue to help people to find the images that they are looking for quickly, so that they can spend more time creating rather than looking through handbooks and cheat sheets.

We would be interested in your input and feedback on the site, and have the opportunity to share with you some of our ideas for the future.


Shawn and Jeff Mosch

There are SO MANY more things we want to do with but after hearing about the lawsuit with the makers of The Bug Magazine we did not want to invest the time and money into developing these additional features of our website only to become the next victim of the ProvoCraft lawsuits. So, we put a LOT of plans on the back burner until we can speak with someone at ProvoCraft and know that we can go forward without worry of being sued.

So ProvoCraft, if you are listening, we are here!  We have sent you our names, address, phone number and email address . . . but if you lost it you can always go to the Contact Us page of, or find me at any one of the sites listen in my online profile.  We are not hiding and we are not that hard to find.

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  1. You go girl! I agree with you 100%! They need to stop trying to flood the market with useless carts and take care of business.

  2. I am going to continue to try and contact them, but it is interesting to know that when someone called PC to ask "What cartridge has this image on it" the PC representative sent them to OUR site. 🙂

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