Opportunities for Embellishment – Inks

Sometimes our crafting projects don’t always work out the way we planned.  We can look at these like mistakes and toss out the project to start over or we can look at these as opportunities for embellishment.

Let’s take this card for example.  I was inking up this beautiful flower using a stencil and you can see to the far right of the card some of my ink went off of the stencil.


At first I was so upset with myself, and I almost threw the card in the garbage.  But then I had an idea . . . what if inked over this smudge to hide it?


I grabbed some painter’s tape and ripped it to give an irregular edge to one side of the tape.  I then placed the tape so that the ink smudge was to the right of the tape.


Next, using some of the same inks that I used to create the flower, I inked in the area to the right of the painter’s tape.


Once I pulled the painter’s tape away, there was this border to the card.


It is not what I originally had planned for this card, but in the end it did turn out very nice.  If I had not shown you this full blog post you might not have ever known that there was a mistake that I was hiding under that beautiful border.


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  1. I have gotten so upset before when I have made a mistake. But I have to tell you, I think what you have done to fix It, Looks Great! Nice save. Thanks for the reminder to try to fix the mistake, Instead of trashing It. Happy Day to You.

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