Paper Dolls in School Uniforms

Here is a project that I did on request.  My mother works for a school, and she had seen the paper dolls that I created for my niece.  If you want to see that project you can go HERE.  Well, I also made a boy and girl to hand in the office of the school my mother works at.  They have snowflakes, leaves, flowers and hearts that she puts around them and changes out with the seasons.  


Since the children at this school wear uniforms, I thought it would be cute to put the paper dolls in the school uniforms too!  This was a lot easier to do with the boy, since he just needed to be wearing solid colored blue and green clothes, but I had to be more creative on the girl’s uniform.


I was able to borrow a used uniform and bring it home to scan in my printer/scanner.  Once I had the image scanned, I just printed out on my printable adhesive backed fabric.  Then I used my Cricut Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge to cut a dress.  I had to “modify” the neckline by hand to make it match the style of the school uniform.


I also made an elf and Santa outfit for these two, so that they could dress them up for the holidays.

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