Party Mix using Croix Valley Foods Dry Rub

I know that I normally blog about crafting projects, but yesterday I tried the Dry Rub from Croix Valley Foods and just had to share this product with you.  My sister just recently started working with them doing in store demos of their products.

One of the products she was featuring was the dry rub.  So that customers could really get the taste of the rub and not the food that you would put the rub on when she is doing in store samples they make this oyster cracker mixer.  When I tasted this mix I thought that this would be a great party mix, instead of Chex Mix so I asked her for the recipe.

party mix

2/3 cup canola oil

1 cap full of Croix Valley dry rub

Dump the canola oil and the rub into a large plastic baggie and mix well.

Add one bag of oyster crackers.  Close the bag and shake until it is mixed well  Let sit at least 30 minutes so that everything soaks in.


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