Party Time!

Okay . . . talking to all of my Blogging Buddies out there . . . Have you ever made a project, taken the photos, loaded them onto your blog, maybe even STARTED a blog post and then totally forgot about the project for MONTHS only to find it still sitting in your “Drafts” folder?

Well that kind of sums up this post.  I THINK that this card was for my nephew’s birthday . . . not this past birthday but the one BEFORE that.  OH MY!

I created this card by using a piece of bright yellow cardstock for the base.  Then I cut the rest of the card from one sheet of Paper Layers paper. If you have not used Paper Layers before let me explain it like this . . . have you ever put SEVERAL small pieces of paper onto your Cricut cutting mat, loaded it into the machine and then just arrowed around to the different color blocks to cut each layer of an image?  I do this all the time when I am making Disney projects . . . who wants to load and unload that mat JUST to cut one little pink tongue . . . no way!  Well, that is the idea behind Paper Layerz.  Each sheet has 9 color blocks with coordinating colors on it.  Load one sheet and have all of the colors you need.


That is exactly what I did with this card.  I loaded one sheet and just moved around to the different squares to cut each layer of this lion, and the phrase from my Create A Critter 2 cartridge.  Then when I unloaded the mat I had ALL of the pieces I needed ready to go . . . removed from mat and glue together . . . it really made putting this card together FAST.

Oh, and once I was done I added a few little dots of Viva Decor in two places.

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