Easter Peeps craft garland

PEEPS Garland with Oly Fun Fabric

Growing up I was a huge fan of PEEPS . . . those sugar covered marshmallow bunnies that would fill my Easter basket each year.  This year I decided to create a PEEPS Easter garland using the Oly Fun fabric from Fairfield. Peeps crafts can be a fun way to decorate!

When I originally created this project I did not know how to make a svg file, so I cut my PEEPS Easter Garland by hand. Since that time I have created a svg you can use so you can cut this on your Cricut. If you would like to download the SVG for this project you can get that by clicking the button below.

Cut your Peeps

For this project I used the yellow, pink and light purple (orchid) Oly Fun.

Peeps crafts peeps Easter banner garland

I searched PEEPS online to find a bunny outline I liked, and then I printed it out at the size I wanted.  I made mine about 4 inches tall, but you can make yours bigger or smaller depending on the look you want for your finished project.

peeps Easter banner garland Peeps crafts

Next I traced the PEEP outlines onto the Oly Fun with a pencil.  You could also tape or pin the PEEP shape to the Oly Fun and then cut around it.

peeps Easter banner garland Peeps crafts

Here is my pile of PEEPS after I had them all cut out.  Since Oly Fun will not fray you don’t have to finish the edges at all.  I love this feature of the fabric.  This really saved me a lot of time on this project.

Next step is attaching the bunnies to the ribbon.  I could have sewn them on, but I decided to use Aleen’s Fabric Fusion instead.  The Fabric Fusion holds so well and allowed me to attach the PEEPS to the ribbon without any stitching showing like there would have been if I sewed them on.

peeps Easter banner garland

Once the Fabric Fusion dried I hung the PEEP garland in our kitchen.  These little bunnies look so adorable!

peeps Easter banner garland
peeps Easter banner garland

I have provided links so you can find Fairfield and it’s products.  Tell them Shawn Mosch sent you!

Fairfield website // Blog // Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest

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  1. I love that you don't have to worry about the edges fraying! Cute project – thanks for sharing on the Creatively Crafty Link Party

  2. The colors are so much fun! I haven't heard of that product, but I'm sure I could come up with a use for it 🙂 Thanks for linking up with #CCBG 🙂

  3. So cute! I picked you as one of my featured posts for this week's Creatively Crafty link party! ourdailycraft.com/2016/03/03/creatively-crafty-link-party-4/

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