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Have you seen the new trend of doing photo booths at parties or weddings?  This allows your party guests to have souvenirs of the special event.  Many people even have props available for their guests to use in the photos . . . silly hats, feather boas, sunglasses.  When I was on Pinterest the other day I saw someone made props of mustaches that were covered in glitter that they put on a stick so that party guests could hold them in front of their face for the photos.  I thought this was a cute idea, but I wanted to take it one step further.

I know that when I have done SOME glitter projects that after time the glitter would come off, or you would get glitter all over your craft room.  I wanted to make my photo props so that the glitter would NEVER come off, and thankfully I had JUST the product for this task

Glittery Vinyl Sticker Sheets


The Buckle Boutique!

This stuff is AMAZING!  Sparkle and glitter with NO MESS!  I promise you . . . I do not have any glitter on my hands and I just got done making this project!

Check it out!


For mine, I purchased pre-made props.  I think the whole package of props was less than $10 at a party supply store, and they came with all of the shapes already on the sticks, but they were just a plain, boring cardstock cutout and I wanted mine to be FUN!


I just peeled back some of the Glitter Vinyl Sheet and stuck it on the pre-made shapes, then I trimmed off the excess.  The Glitter Vinyl Sheets are self adhesive . . . no need to worry about what type of tape or glue to use to make sure they stick!


If you didn’t want to use pre-made shapes you could always cut shapes with a die cutting machine, like your Cricut.  These Glitter Vinyl Sheets cut with ONE CUT . . . no deep blade needed!  Seriously, this stuff cuts better than some cardstock I have used!

Right now you can get a 8″x10″ sheet of this Glitter Vinyl for just $5!

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  1. This is a great idea for glittery projects Shawn. TFS. Love your photo props. 🙂 ~Tami

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