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I wanted to throw this quick tip out there . . . I know that I usually try to keep the MyCutSearch.com tips to Tuesdays, but I felt like I needed to get this one out there now.  It has been mentioned in the past, but it seems to need a “refresher”

We recently found out that the search tool on our site does not really like punctuation.  Let’s say you are looking to make a card for Mother’s Day which is coming up VERY soon . . . well, we all know that there are LOTS of cartridges with the phrase Mother’s Day or Happy Mother’s Day out there but if you search Happy Mother’s Day on MyCutSearch.com you do not get very good results . . . why is this?

It is something to do with the apostrophe, and that the search tool is reading more like data than a character of the alphabet . . . it is all computer programming blah, blah, blah to me.  I want to fix this, but with the name change we had SO MUCH going on that I have not gotten to it yet.  If you search just the word Day, you will get every phrase that has Day in it . . . or search Happy Day (leaving out the Mother’s) and you will get all of the phrases that have Happy and Day in them . . . for now this is the best we can do, but please know we are looking to “fix” this.

Another search that this will goof up is if you are looking for a phrase like You’re Invited . . . there is that darn apostrophe again!

normal Alphalicious page70

But if you search JUST the word invited then you will get much better results.  It will actually show you the phrase you’re invited and you are invited 

Another thing I am working on is adding the term top note to the search database.  Until we launched the site, I had never even HEARD the term top note to describe the shape/image that is show on bottom row of this handbook page below.

normal BabySteps Page61

Since it was not a term I use, it was not entered into the search database.  Now that I know that this is an image that people are searching for, it is being added.  As of today, you will only see it on a few cartridges . . . basically any cartridge that was released after September of 2010 since those are the ones we have updated to the new site, but I do plan on going back through the old list and finding all of the others.  This will take some time . . . I have a full time day job and two kids . . . if you can believe it, this blog and the MyCutSearch.com site are just my “hobby”.

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  1. Hey Shawn,you should be proud of me. I wanted to know where this little tooth image is and rather than ask, I searched it. Do I get a star for the day?
    Hope you have a great Mother's Day!

  2. I think it is fantastic that you did this MyCutSearch site. It works so much better than the search feature on the Gypsy! Thank you!

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