Scented Hot Glue from Ad Tech

This year one of the Hot New Products I really loved at CHA was the scented hot glue from Ad Tech.  There are four scents . . . Christmas Tree, Pumpkin Pie, French Vanilla and Apple Cinnamon.  My personal favorite is the French Vanilla, but I do think that the Christmas Tree scent will be perfect for holiday crafting!

At the Ad Tech booth at CHA they were having a Make and Take where we used the cool glue to attach gold fabric strips to a simple styrofoam ring/wreath shape.  The fabric was strips of the new metallic gold Oly Fun from Fairfield.


The cool glue is perfect for this since it will not melt the styrofoam or the shiny metallic gold fabric.  Just use a small dot of glue to attach the start of the strip of fabric, and then wrap it around the wreath shape.  As you go along you can add some more glue to tack it in place, but you really do not need very much since you are pulling the fabric tight.


Once you have the wreath covered, it is time to add the embellishments.  This is also when I got to try out the new vanilla scented glue.  There were vines with leaves and wired burlap ribbon to work with.  Some of the burlap ribbon had been cut in half, and I used that to make these little rose buds.  I started on one end of the burlap ribbon and put a little glue down and simply rolled, scrunched and gathered the burlap, adding little dots of glue as I rolled.  Not only did these flowers look cute, but they smelt so good because of the vanilla scented glue.


I think that crafting with scented hot glue will just add another layer to my creativity!

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