Scrapbooking – what year is it?

I spent a lot of time last year working on two memorial scrapbooks for two young girls (5 and 1 at the time) who lost their father to cancer.  Because I was working on their books, I did not have any time to work on my own books.  Well, I just pulled out the book that I am in the middle of . . . I am at the 4th of July 2008!  And to think, when I last worked on this book I was only a matter of months behind . . . now I am 19 months behind.

It is so strange to look at that book, still unfinished, and see pictures of my first niece at her first birthday, when we were just at her 3rd birthday party.  Or the pictures in the stack that need to get cropped and put into the book of my second niece just after she was born . . . and she has already had her first birthday.  Or the pictures of the ex-girlfriends (my son’s and my brother-in-law’s)  These people are no longer in our life, and I have not even got around to putting them into the book about our life!

So, what year is it in your scrapbook?


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  1. I used to try to scrap chronologically, but there were pics of my DGSs that I wanted so badly to scrap SO I changed my technique to scrap whatever I wanted to – therefore, I am sadly behind in the older pics, but sublimely current with the newer pics!! I know that I am still behind and have enough scrapping for the next 3 years if I don't take any more pics! LOL!

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