Scrappy Christmas Tree

I have LOTS of scraps of the rhinestone sticker sheets from The Buckle Boutique from all of the projects I have made over the years, and they are just too pretty to throw out.  I wanted to try and use up some of those scraps on a Christmas Tree card. Many of these scraps are too small to cut a shape out of, so this is a perfect project for using up scraps!

My inspiration came from the scrap Christmas tree cards I have seen on Pinterest.  Most of these use up scraps of cardstock, but I wanted to apply the same idea using the rhinestone sticker sheets.

using up scraps

I started by pulling out my pile of scraps.  Then I grabbed the kraft corrugated paper roll from Little B.  I thought the texture of this paper roll would be perfect for the trunk of the tree on the cards.


Then I just started to cut strips of the rhinestone sticker sheets in random lengths and stack them on top of each other.  This starts to build a tree shape.


Then I added the corrugated paper for the tree trunk.  I hit the edges of the piece with a dark brown marker to give it even more depth and make the texture pop.

Christmas tree card

When I got to the top I stamped a little star and colored it in with a yellow glitter marker.

Christmas tree card

I forgot to mention . . . the back of the corrugated paper already has adhesive on it.  Just peel off the backing and stick . . . EASY!


So, I had to experiment to find the right placement and layout for the card.  This one I think I did not make the difference between the yellow and light green dramatic enough and I ended up needing 7 layers to make my tree shape.  By the time I got to the top there was no room for the star.

Christmas tree card

So I played around with the layers and colors and here are the variations that I ended up with . . . 

Christmas tree card

The one with too many layers, so it did not have a star . . . 

Christmas tree card

This one had room for the star and uses a different color for every layer . . . 


Then I decided to just use two colors

using up scraps

Pink and Lime Green

using up scraps

Yellow and Tiffany Blue

using up scraps

My favorite part about these cards is the way those rhinestones sparkle!


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