Searching for Flowers

Spring is in the air, and spring always makes me think of flowers.  Here is one thing that you should know when using to find the images on your Cricut cartridges . . . drop the “s”.

When we set up the website we had to assign search terms, or what is called “tagging” each image.  If the handbook image JUST had one flower on it, then the search term we assigned to it was flower.  Like this page . . . .

AccentEssentials page77

This shows the cut for one flower, not a bunch of flowers.  If you wanted to cut several of them to make a bunch of flowers you could, but you will not find this image if you search for the word flowers.

We had to think in the most simple of terms when creating the site, so you have to make sure that you think like us . . . simple . . . when you do your searching.

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  1. Since I discovered your website, I find using my Cricut must more enjoyable. Thank you for all your help. I will remember this tip.

  2. Thank you Shawn! I have used your tips often, and it's great to get them straight from the source!

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