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As many of you know, Shawn Mosch and her family created the website which allows you to search for images that are on the Cricut Cartridges and preview those images so that you can easily find the perfect cut for your project. 

Shawn has gotten emails from people asking questions about using MyCutSearch, so we would like try to answer questions as well as give you tips on ways to use the site that you might not have even known about.

Question:  I like to make boxes and tags with my Cricut . . . can you tell me which cartridges have cuts for boxes or tags?  I tried typing boxes and tags into MyCutSearch but did not get the results that I thought I would.

Answer:  Yes, you can search for cuts of boxes and tags on MyCutSearch, but you need to remember that everything is tagged for the singular version of a word.  So, to find the cartridges that have cuts for boxes and tags, you would need to type the word box or tag into the search bar.

If you have a question about MyCutSearch or ways you can use it, let us know and maybe we will use your question in one of our Search Tips posts.

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