Sesame Street decorations with your Cricut

I was just looking at my Cricut Chirp Newsletter for this week, and there was the cutest project shown there from Jennifer Ebright.  For her daughter’s first birthday she made yard decorations with her Sesame Street Cricut cartridge.

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This is such a great idea! I bet you could laminate them also to protect them from the weather.  Think of all of the other times you could use this idea . . . baby showers or to announce the birth of a new baby, or use a wedding image for a wedding shower, and for a graduation party you could line the path with graduation caps.

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  1. how would I go about finding how to buy or making the sesame street lawn decorations? I would love to get them or my grand daughters party

  2. The ones you see above where made with a Cricut Personal Cutting Machine and the Sesame Street Friends cartridge. If you do not own a Cricut, you might want to vist the Cricut message board and under the section marked Cartridge Exploration find the Sesame Street Friends cartridge section and post a request for someone to make these for you . . . you can work out a payment with them.

  3. I was wondering how big the lawn decorations are? They look like they are a nice size. I never used a cricut machine is it hard to do and do you need alot of supplies for a project like this. thanks for any one who could help me

  4. I believe the lady that made them said they were almost 24" tall, without the stick they are attached to.

    As far as using the Cricut machine, it is very easy. You insert the cartridge, choose the image you want to cut, insert the paper and push a button.

    For supplies you would need a Cricut machine, the Sesame Street cartridge, and all of the different colored papers that are in the characters.

    Here is a link to a video about the basics of a Cricut machine

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