Sesame Street

I was looking back as some of my older scrapbooks, from before I owned a Cricut.  I used to use a LOT more stickers.  I also noticed that I used to leave a lot more white space on the pages.  Here is an example


This is a layout from a trip we took to Sesame Place, which is a great theme park in Pennsylvania.  

Looking back at your older scrapbooks, what changes do you see in your styles?

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  1. I definitely see changes in my older scrapbooks but I'm not sure if they really count (lol). They are only 2 years old and I've always had a cricut. However, I have gotten more creative with my designs and use of embellishments. I've never really used a lot of stickers but sure think they are fun!!! Your page was cute!

  2. Totally different. I used to be able to complete 15- 2 page LO's at a scrapbooking day. Now…I'm lucky if I complete 3 or 4. With the popularity of this hobby…there are so much more techniques and supplies. I love my Cricut now. I used to use a lot of solids…now I lean toward patterns. Lee-Ann 🙂

    1. Wow Leann you were good to complete that many layouts in a day. I've never been able to do more than 1 at most 2 in a day, lol!!!

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