Small Feet layout

I was asked to create a memorial scrapbook for a family who lost their child at birth.  This was something that was very hard for me, even though I did not know the family personally.  I wanted to make this scrapbook something that they could look back on to remember the child they lost.  They only had a few photos of the baby that were taken in the hospital.

For one of the two page layouts I used a phrase that I found

“There is no food too small that it cannot leave an impact on this world”

I felt like this really summarized the connection of this family to this small child that was a part of their lives for such a short time, but forever changed their lives.

The first page included a photo of the baby’s very small feet, the baby’s footprints and some small baby booties.


 The second page was filled with various photos of the baby.  I added the image of the monkey since the family had told me a story that had a monkey connection in it for them.  


Even though the loss of a baby is very sad, I tried to keep the layouts and feel of the book joyful.  It was a celebration of this child . . . no matter how short of a life that child had.


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