So cute!

This is an old picture, but it is so cute I had to share it.

 This is my daughter Beth (several years ago) with the Valentine’s Day card box that she designed and created. The idea/design was all hers, but I did help make it all come together.

She really wanted one that looked like a puppy dog, so we covered the entire box with brown paper, and then used toilet paper rolls covered with paper for the legs.  The tail is a brown pipe cleaner.  For the head, we found a round balloon, and cut some ears out of fabric.  She used markers to draw on the face.  For a finishing touch we made a collar for the puppy with a piece of ribbon and then punched a heart out of paper and wrote her name on the heart.

She has used this same card box for several years in a row for the Valentine’s Day party at her school . . . we just need to replace the balloon head each year.

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