Adhesive Backed Fabric and Lawn Fawn stamps

My daughter recently fell in love with the Lawn Fawn stamps.  We had to go and buy her two sets . . . if I would have let her she would have bought about 10 sets!  This inspired her to start her OWN BLOG, and if you want to check it out you can click HERE.

Then she said to me “Mom . . . how do you think the Lawn Fawn stamps would work on adhesive backed fabric?  Then people could make cute little decals that they can use over and over again”

(boy, that kid has some good ideas)

So we set to work testing adhesive backed fabricwith Lawn Fawn stamps and a variety of inks and pens that I had.  Here are the results.

I used a small test piece of adhesive backed fabric Ink Jet Printable product

Square1 LawnFawn

Using the Lawn Fawn stamps I stamped the same image 4 times so that I could test 4 different ways of coloring the hearts in.

Square1 LawnFawn Full

First off, the Lawn Fawn stamps came out so crisp and worked beautifully with the adhesive backed fabric.  I used a Memento black dye ink to stamp all of the images for this test.

For this first image I filled it in using a light pink Sharpie Glitter Paint Pen.  It worked GREAT!  The sparkle of the glitter does not show up well in this photo but you can kind of see the bumps of where the glitter is.

Square1 LawnFawn 1

Next I tried the Faber-Castell Artist Pens.  Again . . . they work GREAT!

Square1 LawnFawn 2

I was so happy that so many of these were working, so I kept going.

Next I tried my Recollections Pens.

I can see the lines from where I colored it in, 

but that might be just poor coloring on my part and not the fault of the pen.

Square1 LawnFawn 3

What about colored pencils?  We even gave those a try . . . the left side was colored with a purple pencil and the right with a pink pencil and then we used the Stampin’ Up Blender Pen to blend things out and give it a nice, soft watercolor look.

Square1 LawnFawn 4

OH!  I almost forgot . . . NONE of these inks smudged or smeared, so I was really happy with the results.

So what are some of YOUR favorite inks?  Can you imagine being able to use all of your stamps and inks on adhesive backed fabric to create things that can be stuck anywhere, and then moved or taken down and stored away and used again and again!

The first thing that comes to my mind is back to school.  My daughter already wants to make some Lawn Fawn decals with adhesive backed fabric that she can use to decorate her folders and notebooks.  Then when the notebook is all used up she can take the decal off and put it on a brand new notebook.


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