Stencil 1 Card - Shawn Mosch

Stencil 1 Card

Today I made some cards that were so quick and easy using the Mum Stencil from Stencil 1

I used a white sheet of cardstock cut in half to create my card base.  Then I simply placed the stencil over the top and grabbed some different colors of inks . . . purples, blues and pink.

Using a sponge, I applied colors in a swirling circular motion.  You can do one quick layer, or to more and more colors to add depth.

Here you can see one side that has one color, and the other side where you can see the progression as I add more and more colors

If you remove the stencil and you feel like you need more color, just line the stencil back up and add to it.  I ended up doing two cards, and both of them look different due to the colors I used and the amount of each color I applied.

Here are the finished cards.

Now I am ready for the new year since I could add a simple sentiment of Happy Birthday or Thank you to either of these cards.

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