Storing Your Paper Dolls

Well, now THIS post is just going to show how long ago I made this project, took the photos and watermarked them because they have my old watermark on them.  But a conversation in a message group I am in reminded me that I never posted these photos!

A while back I did a few posts about making Paper Dolls that you could stick on the wall using adhesive backed fabric that you can use instead of vinyl . . . and it is repositionable!  So you can take it down and put it up over and over!

If you have not seen my past posts on making Paper Dolls with adhesive backed fabric, you can review those


So after I made all of the paper dolls and clothes for my niece I knew that she would need a place to store all of these.  So I put together a binder for her


For the pages I used plastic dividers into the binder


Then I labeled each page . . . see the little tabs on the pages?  I wrote shirts on one, pants on another, dresses on another . . . so on and so on.


And I even made a little necklace


Here are some closer pictures


I cut a necklace cut, and then used Viva Decor to make a little pearl necklace


And now she can just put them into the binder to store them when they are not on the doll.

As I make more clothes for her, I can add more binder pages.  And since they are all in one place she will always be able to find them, store them and even take them with her when she goes to Grandma’s house!

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