Sweat X and Hockey Gear

Let’s talk about Sweat X and hockey gear. A couple of weeks ago I told you about this great product I found at a lacrosse tournament called Sweat X. The stain remover took blood stains out of a white lacrosse jersey with ease. If you did not see that post, you can click HERE.

Well now I have to tell you about cleaning my daughter’s hockey gear with this product.  We have used other detergents in the past, even ones that are supposed to eliminate hard core smells but nothing has ever made the hockey gear THIS CLEAN.

My daughter was so surprised at how WHITE her gear looked after we cleaned it with Sweat X.  And I was shocked at how it smelled brand new!  It was really easy to do.  We just filled the laundry tub with water, added some Sweat X detergent and let the gear soak for a while.  Look at how gross that water looks . . . all of that was trapped in her hockey gear!

IMG 9540

If you think it looks gross you should have smelled it. Hockey gear has such a bad smell to it, before using Sweat X on it.

IMG 9541
IMG 9542

So, I know you want to get some for yourself.  It is available on Amazon. Let me include some links for you below.

By the way, this post contains Affiliate Links to companies I have partnered with, such as Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. You can think of affiliate links like tipping your waitress, only it does not cost you anything extra! Thank you for shopping with my links!

I am including links to the Sweat X website and social media below . . . tell them Shawn Mosch sent you!

Sweat X Sport Website // Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest // Instagram


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