Sweat X Sport Product Review and Video

My family just got home from the Pipe City Lacrosse Festival.  Not only did we get to see our girls from Team 36 Lacrosse play some great games (they ended up with 3 wins and 1 loss) but we also discovered a product that I think every parent who has a child is sports NEEDS!  For those of you that know me, you know that when I find a product I love I tell everyone about it . . . well Sweat X Sport is now on my list of product that I will be telling EVERYONE about.

Sweat X Sport Product Review

Let me set up the story for you . . . during the first game on Saturday one of our players injured her finger and there was some bleeding from her fingernail area, and she got blood on her jersey.  Between games, we were walking around looking at all of the booths and we came across the Sweat X Sport booth and began to listen to the ladies in the booth talking about all of the stuff this product can get out . . . sweat, bacteria, clay, grass, mud and blood.

Blood you say . . . this is when I go and grab the player who got blood on her jersey.  My “master plan” was to get one of the samples of this product and take it back to the hotel and try to get the blood out, but the ladies at the Sweat X Sport booth said “We can get that out for you right now”.  Since my husband had his video camera on him, he recorded it.  Seeing is believing, and once you see this you will want some of this stain remover also!

Sweat X Sport Removes Blood Stains

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFy72s9UkFA[/embedyt]

Just in case the video embedded in this post does not play properly, you can also go HERE to see the video on YouTube.

I really loved the fact that this product did not leave a chemical smell either!  What you saw in the demo was the spray, which is great for treating spots and stains.  They also have a detergent and you can put some of that into a washtub or the bathtub and soak all of your gear.  That will break down the sweat and bacteria that is deep down in all of the gear.  I am actually looking forward to washing my daughter’s hockey gear now that we have this stuff!

They were having a bundle deal at the event we were at, and we got a bottle of the detergent, a bottle of the stain remover that they used in the demo, and a bottle of the odor eliminator spray.

So, I know you want to get some for yourself.  You are in luck since they sell it on Amazon. I have even provided some links for you below so you can just add them to your card.

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I am including links to the Sweat X website and social media below . . . tell them Shawn Mosch sent you!

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