Teach Me Cricut Design Space for iPad

A lot of you know that I have made videos about Cricut Design Space and share them on my YouTube channel. Did you know that Cricut Design Space looks very different when you are on the computer versus when you use it on an iPad or phone.

Most of the same features and functions are there, but where you find them is very different. This can confuse a lot of Cricut users. Can you image trying to learn how to weld letters together, and the only tutorial you can find is for the computer version of Cricut Design Space? That would be like trying to learn to drive a stick shift with the directions for driving an automatic!

That is exactly why I created the Teach Me Cricut Design Space for iPad Handbook!  This connects to all of my Teach Me Cricut Design Space for iPad videos on YouTube.

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You asked and I listened!

Many people asked me if could do Teach Me Design Space for iPad videos. So in February I purchased an iPad so that I could begin that process.

CoverPage iPad

More than just videos!

Instead of just doing videos, I also created an entire Teach Me Cricut Design Space for iPad document. This way you get an organized resource that includes screen shots, images, descriptions and links to videos so you can find what you need.

Originally, my plan was to sell this Teach Me Cricut Design Space for iPad document for $5 per copy, to pay for my time to create it and make all of the videos that go along with it. With everything that is going on in the world today, and so many people being out of work, I just could not bring myself to ask people to pay for this.  You can now download my full Teach Me Cricut Design Space for iPad document from the Classes area here on my site.

I go through each and every button and show you what it does. Then I include a link to a short video for each button or function so you can see the steps come together.

Teach Me Cricut Design Space for iPad

The Teach Me Cricut Design Space for iPad document is a one stop shop for learning to love your Cricut!

On my About page, I do include a link with a way that people can donate money as a way to say thank you for this document. 

Tell me what you need

If there is any part of this document that is not clear, please reach out to me. I can always update the document to be even more in-depth. Also, as Design Space changes, I can add more information to this document.

If you found this helpful, you should join my Teach Me Cricut Design Space Facebook Group. You can ask me questions and I will share all of my best tips and tricks with you. Or if you want a more personal experience, you can join my Patreon group.

I also have a lot of great resources on my Classes page of this website including my Teach Me Cricut Design Space Online Course. In this course I take you step by step through how to use every button and function in Design Space. I have compiled the most frequently asked Cricut questions along with the answers to those questions into one online course. This is my most in depth and detailed Cricut resource ever! It contains over two years worth of Cricut knowledge and research in one course!

What to know a secret?

Guess what? I was once in your shoes! I was once a Cricut beginner! You can actually look way back on this blog and find my early posts and see how far I have come on my journey!

You can also see that I love helping people. I think we should spend more time having fun crafting than trying to figure out how to use a software program! This is why I break everything I know into easy to follow steps. And because I have written down the steps, added screen shots and videos, you will know that you have the best resources for learning.

I also use a lot of analogies in my tutorials. If I can relate something in the Cricut Design Space software to an every day situation or something most people would encounter in every day life, I feel that helps people to learn. One great example of this is how I compare Cricut Access to Netflix.

So if you feel like you are always struggling with Cricut Design Space and wish there was one place you could go to learn how to use all of the buttons and features so you could spend your time just enjoying crafting then you should check out my Teach Me Cricut Design Space Online Course. This course is like having a direct line to my brain and downloading all of the information I know about using Cricut Design Space!

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