Teddy Bear Crocheted Blanket

Here is something I NEVER thought I would make . . . a teddy bear crocheted blanket!  Why did I think I would never make one of these?  To be totally honest, I did not think my crochet talents were good enough to make something like this.


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I have been using the book by Leisure Arts called One Skein Baby Projects.  This book really helped me to build my confidence as a crocheter.  Once I built my confidence on some of the basic stitches, I was ready to try to build on those and create the basic shapes to build the bear’s head.

one skein baby project crochet teddy bear blanket Suzettee stitch

I love the stitch on this blanket.  I was given one small skein of this variegated yarn, and since I wanted to make the blanket a little larger than the original size I added a solid color brown yarn to the sides as a border.  This is a great way to use up yarn that is in a color that is no longer available . . . us it for the center portion of a small blanket and then build on to it by adding a solid coordinating color to each side of the piece.

I did find out later on that this stitch that makes up the blanket portion of this project has an actual name. It is called the Suzettee stitch. I love that this stitch is just a combination of two really easy beginner stitches but once you combine them they look so pretty and more advanced.

one skein baby project crochet teddy bear blanket

The head is a little wobbly, but I think I just need to work on my stitching of the head onto the blanket to secure it more.  I also decided to leave off the facial details like the eyes since the yarn itself already had so much character to it with the way the colors change in it.

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