Teen’s Room with adhesive backed fabric

I am SO HAPPY to share this project with you!  Mostly because my daughter has been waiting so patiently for me to actually DO this project, but also because I get to show you another great use for adhesive backed fabric Ink Jet Printable Sheets.

This is a photo of the wall in my daughter’s room.  For a while she was into anything with a peace sign on it, and we found these three plaque’s that we hung on the wall.  Later on when she got into Donald Duck we added the Donald image which I cut with my Cricut.


Time goes on, and teenagers change their mind about what they like and don’t like.  My daughter decided she was not really in to the whole Peace sign thing any more . . . she wanted to change things up, but she still liked the idea of three images around the Donald cut.

While we were on our trip to Walt Disney World in 2012 she had an idea . . . yes, this was all HER idea . . . she had seen me using adhesive backed fabric for projects, and had even helped me to come up with a few project ideas, and she said “Mom, what if we printed out 3 pictures of me with Donald from this vacation and put them over the top of those flat Peace sign plaques to look like photos on a canvas”

So we looked at our trip photos and found 3 that we liked.  One of Safari Donald, one of Mexican Donald and one of  The Great Donaldo (Donald Duck dressed up like a magician in a redone portion of Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom) and we printed them on Ink Jet Printable adhesive backed fabric.


Then I just had to use some scissors to trim them to the right size for the square plaques and now her wall looks like this . . .


The best part is that if she decides she wants to change it all up with different photos or a totally different theme all we have to do is pick out new photos or images, print, cut and suddenly she has a whole new look.

I really like the way that these turned out.  Because we used a fabric, these plaques really look like photos printed on canvas.  If we didn’t have the plaques, we could have just trimmed all of these photos the same size and put them right on the wall.

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