Thank you Diana!


I just had to throw out a BIG THANK YOU to my Design Team Sister Diana from Leelee Card Designs.

Recently Diana was experiencing problems when trying to use our site to find the images from her Cricut cartridges.  She reached out to me for a solution, and I had her try all of the “typical” things for troubleshooting known issues that we have listed on our Troubleshooting Page.

When those did not resolve the issue she had I had to contact our Head of Internet Technology . . . aka: my husband Jeff!  He is the one that actually understands all of that computer “blah, blah, blah” stuff . . . I am the one that just says “I want a button here that when you click on it, it does this . . . can you make that happen?”  🙂

Anyway, Jeff had Diana try a few things and we are VERY happy that she was patient enough to go back and forth with us via email trying a few things to help Jeff to figure out the problem, and more importantly find a solution to the problem so that she could use again!

Diana posted a GREAT testimonial about our customer service on her blog at Leelee Card Designs.  Click HERE if you would like to read what she wrote.

We are so happy that so many people love our site!  Remember, is a free site that is operated by one family . . . no big corporate sponsorship going on here . . . but we do accept donations to help keep the site up and running for everyone to use!


The staff at Solutions LLC


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