The Joy of Organization

Even though this post is older, I have to share it with you again because what crafter out there is not looking for a better way to organize their supplies!

First off, I have to show you the old way that I USED to store my Cricut cartridges and mat . . .

There is a countertop in our basement that I use for working on my scrapbooks, and I had attached a twist tie to one of the drawer handles to hang my Cricut cutting mats from.  This way they were always there when I needed them, and they never got left out on the floor collecting dust or where someone could step on them.


Now, when my cartridge collection was small the photo box storage system actually worked pretty well.  I had one for my Font cartridges, one for my Image cartridges, and one for my Disney cartridges.  As my collection grew, I outgrew the boxes, and I also found that when I was working on projects for a few days they would end up sitting out and looking like this . . .


Not a very organized system.

But now I have a Scrap N Tote, in my favorite color . . . PINK!  So now when I scrapbook I can just grab my Scrap N Tote by the handles, set it next to my Cricut machine like this . . .


 . . . oh, and I put the cartridges in alphabetical order, so then when I got to to search for the image I want to use, and it tells me what cartridge that cut can be found on, I just flip my Scrap N Tote open like this to the right page . . .


I am SO READY to start crafting!  Oh . . . did you notice that there is even space for my cutting mat?  No more hanging in on that ugly twist tie.  I have the 12×12 mat in the back, and my 6×12 mats for my Baby Bug in the front.

I also love that I can just grab the handles and go!  This was GREAT for when I went out of town to the Cropped Event recently.  I was able to easily bring all of my cartridges with me, and they stayed organized!

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