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The Next Step . . .

I had my appointment with Dr. Presthus at Minnesota Gynecology and Surgery yesterday.  I have to say, the staff there is SO NICE!  Dr. Presthus made me feel very comfortable right away, and I could tell he understood what was going on and BELIEVED ME that it was all related to Essure.  When I first told my OB/GYN that I thought this was Essure related she told me she had never heard of a connection between Essure and symptoms like I was having.

Oh!  I had to pick up my medical records to bring with to Dr. Presthus’s office . . . I got to the office a little early so I was reading through all of the info recorded by my OB/GYN from the date I had the Essure procedure done to today . . . there were things that were documented that I totally forgot had even happened!  So MORE things that I now see were symptoms of troubles with Essure.  (I will go back and update my story with these additional items later)

I now have a laparoscopic assisted hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy scheduled for March 30th!  This was really great news since my normal OB/GYN could not even get me in for a consultation on what we should do next until April 20th!


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