Tim Holtz

When I was at CHA I was helping Megan, from Above Rubies Studio, with some things . . . bringing product back and forth, running the video camera while she did interviews, running for coffee and trying to remember all of the things on her daily
“check list”.
  She was doing demos at the WorldWin Paper booth, which happend to be about 40 feet away from where Tim Holtz was doing his demos.


Here are pictures of some of the projects that were in the Tim Holtz booth, made by other people using his products.




While Megan and i were standing in front of his demo table to see if we could get an interview from him, I realized that if I came home and said I was standing right there that there would be SOMEONE who would say “And you didn’t take a picture?!?!?”


So here you go . . .



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