Time to Re-decorate

Since we are all spending more time at home, it is a perfect time to re-decorate!  Photowall has some great ways that you can quickly and easily add some new decor to your home. Choose from photos, murals or a canvas. We picked out a large wall canvas for our dining room last year, and because we loved it so much we recently got one for our daughter’s apartment.

Let me show you the designs we picked out and introduce you to some of the features of a canvas from Photowall. Make sure to keep reading to get the special discount code for my followers!

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Canvas Designs for Any Space

Photowall time to re-decorate canvas

When my daughter moved into a new space at college she has a large wall that was totally blank. She was also ready to redecorate and give her space a new look, but she also knew she wanted something light weight that would be easy to move when this school year was over.

I sent her the link to Photowall and told her to look around at their canvas designs. She could not believe how many choices there were! She also loved that she could pick from any of the designs and then enter the overall dimensions she wanted the canvas to be, and even adjust the way the image was cropped. This image was originally shown as a taller portrait design, but she cropped it to be a horizontal canvas so it would fill more of the space

Have your Canvas shipped

The canvas arrived in a large skinny box, and was surprisingly easy to put together.  My husband and I were able to assembly this with no tools in about 20 minutes.  Make sure to read through the directions before you begin.  We placed all of the frame pieces and tested the fit before we removed the adhesive strips to apply to the canvas, just to make sure we had everything set up correctly.

Below is the volcano image that we have in our dining room, which during our work at home time has turned into my husband’s home office. He has gotten so many complements on this canvas when he is in video meetings.

re-decorate with a new canvas from Photowall

Special Deal from PhotoWall

If you have not visited Photowall you can check out their website HERE. At the beginning of this post I told you about a special deal you can get on YOUR order from Photowall.

Photowall is offering a discount for my followers!  

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They have a huge selection of wall murals, wall paper, canvases and prints.  You could even upload one of your own photos to their system and have it turned into artwork for your home.

re-decorate with a new canvas Photowall

There were so many great mages that we had a hard time deciding, but we finally agreed on this large canvas to add to our dining room.  It reminded us of the volcanoes we saw on our trip to Hawaii a few years ago.

re-decorate with a new canvas Photowall

Remember to use the Code

Use code craftychicsblog25 and get 25% orders you place from June 6 to August 8, 2021

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