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I just got my newsletter from Addicted to Rubber Stamps and it had this wonderful top ten list that I had to share with all of you.

Top Ten Reasons to Spend Time Crafting with your Kids

(or your grandkids or neighbors!)

  1. It lets you spend non-formal time with the kids. You don’t have to go anywhere, you don’t have to be “on good behavior”, you’re just relaxing and playing. It’s like game night with fewer rules.
  2. Your kids learn how to plan a project, see it through to the finish, and be proud of their achievements.
  3. Your kids learn that not everything has to be done exactly like everyone else. Creativity is a good thing!
  4. Your kids develop and enhance their own sense of style.
  5. Your kids learn that spending time with adults isn’t evil, stupid, or uncool. (Though this thought process is automatically reversed at age 13, no matter how great a parent you are. It’s a phase. You went through it too. Don’t roll your eyes at me – they’ll stay that way.)
  6. This might become “your tradition”, like decorating holiday cookies (only without the caloric consequences.)
  7. Crafting gets you and your kids engaged – with the projects, and with each other! Great for siblings to spend time with each other saying something besides “Will you stop touching me!!”
  8. You and your kids can see how creative and inventive you can be: reusing supplies, recycling materials, creating amazing art out of paper, thread, ink, sticks…whatever comes to hand.
  9. Save money and stress by making up activities at home (instead of going to the movies, the mall, theme parks, et cetera.) Minimal expenses, and no parking hassles!
  10. Unlike homework or chores, this is something they’ll want to do. 

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