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Here is a list of some of the common “bugs” we have found with the new site, along with how to resolve the issue.

Q:    I typed in a word, hit search and nothing happened?  What’s wrong?

A:   We have found that some internet browser versions do not work as well with our site.  We recommend that you go to Google and search Google Chrome, download that, and then use Google Chrome to navigate to our site.  In most cases, this resolves the issues.

Other things to check, if Google Chrome does not resolve the issue, are your Firewall setting and deleting cookies.

Q:   I typed in the word dogs, and I did not get any search results.  I am using Google Chrome, as suggested above.  What is the problem?

A:   Keywords are entered in singular form, so you should search dog, and not dogs.  The ‘s’ on the end is what is causing no search results.

Q:   I was looking for an image of a monkey, and one of the handbook pages from Locker Talk came up in the search.  I believe that this is an error since there is no monkey in the Locker Talk cartridge.

A:  Actually, this is not a mistake.  The page that comes up from Locker Talk has the image of playground equipment, including monkey bars, and the word monkey is in the two word phrase monkey bars.

Q:   I found an image that think you might have missed.  Can you update your database?

A:  Yes, we can update our database, so if you find something that you think we missed please let us know and we will review the search words for that cartridge.  Remember, what we called a suitcase you could be calling luggage, and that could also be the reason for the results you are getting, but we will look into the issue once you bring it to our attention.

Q:   I am looking for one of the Lite cartridges, and I was looking at the alphabetical listing and I do not see it.  Did you not include the Lites?

A:   We did include all of the Lites, but they were named with the word Lite in front of them to make them stand out from the rest of the cartridge list. 


Q:   What about the Imagine cartridges?  Where are they?

A:  The Imagine cartridges will be added as soon as handbooks are available for us to index.  They will follow the same naming convention as the Lites, with the word Imagine before the name of the cartridge to keep them all together and help them stand out from the rest of the cartridges.

Q:   I used the search and found the image that I want, but the handbook page number does not match the page that image is on in my handbook.  Why is that?

A:  We used the most current handbooks that we could find.  That being said, if some handbooks were re-printed and there were multiple versions of those handbooks made, this could explain the discrepancy that we have found in a small number of handbooks.

Q:   Many people have asked on message boards for a Religious cartridge.  Do you have anything that can help us with our search for religious images?

A:   Yes.  We saw these same requests on the message boards, and while assigning search terms to cartridges, we did include the term religious to cartridges that had images of a church, bible, cross, Buddha, Menorah and many other religious items.


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  1. CricutSearch is awesome. Thank you so much for creating it and for gifting it to the entire cricut community! I have it saved to my desktop so I can access it quickly and easily.


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