Two Hour Card Challenge

So the other day I posted on my Facebook status that I was having a hard time getting motivated, to which one of my blogging buddies responded “o.k. you have 2 hours to create a card …GO!!!!!” . . . WHAT!?!?!?  

Well, I did have a birthday card I needed to make for my niece, so I made a second cup of coffee and headed off to my craft room to accept the challenge.  Here is what I came up with


The inside reads “Have a Dino-mite Birthday!”  I used solid colored adhesive backed fabric for the dinosaur so that it can easily be removed from the card and placed on the wall of my niece’s bedroom.  This little dinosaur can “travel” all over my niece’s house!  You know kids . . . they like to stick stickers and other things in the WORST PLACES!  Places where you think to yourself “how the heck am I ever going to get that off of there!” . . . well not with adhesive backed fabric . . . just peel it off as easy as a post it note!

Oh, and I had the card done and the photo posted on Facebook to prove that it was done in less than two hours . . . mission accomplished!

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