Welding Letters in Design Space

Today I want to show you how to weld letters together to create a scrapbook layout title, like in the image below.


For this project, I used a multi layered font so that I could use two different colors and really make the letters pop.  I also combined two fonts to really make this title my own.  By moving the letters closer together until the shadow/background layers were touching each other I was then able to weld them together.  This is what allowed me to cut out the entire shadow/background layer in one cut.  This looks more professional and it helps to just place this one large piece on your scrapbook layout.

Watch the video to see how easy this was to do . . .

And this is how the title looked after I added the other layers of color to it.  Having that shadow/background layer really helped me for placement of the other colors, and when I had all of the colors attached I just placed that one big title.  No more placing individual letters and hoping you get them all lined up!


If you want to cut out this same scrapbook layout title, here is a link to the project in Cricut Design Space for you to use.  Just click HERE.

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