What have YOU been doing?

I set a goal of making one post per day back in October of last year, and I have been able to do that for all but one day, and now today is kind of the second day.  Since I have not had as much time to work on my crafts I don’t have anything new to show.

Then I thought to myself, this site is called Crafty Chics, so how about I ask all of YOU to tell me what you have been working on!  Maybe I will even do a fully write up on you, your crafts and make you a Featured Friend on this site.  Or maybe you know of a great blog or website that you would like me to share with others . . . just let me know.  It does not have to be a scrapbooking or card making related item.  Those are my main crafts, along with sewing, but I think that we can all draw inspiration from each other and a variety of crafts so if you know someone that has a great jewelry blog, let me know . . . or a great knitting blog . . . whatever!


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  1. I have a couple of knitting projects up recently & a graduation card. You can check me out at:

  2. I am working on birthday cards for my friend Jillian's birthday blog hop! She will be twelve and it will be so much fun.

    Register here:


  3. I'm with you Shawn, I haven't had much crafting time lately. What little bit of time I have had I've used to go around looking at what everyone else has been making/doing.

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