Where to start?

My daughter is playing hockey for the second year this year, and at the parent meeting they asked for people to volunteer to do different tasks . . . one of the tasks was to be in charge of the team yearbook, so I volunteered for that.

Once I did I started thinking “How am I going to do this?”  I figured the easiest way would be digital scrapbooking since I could make one book and just get it printed out for all of the girls, but I have never done digital scrapbooking before!  Where do I start?

I found the My Memories program, and it is pretty easy to use.  Even a computer dummy like me can handle it. I also found that the site offers several free kits, so you don’t need to dump a lot of money into it just to try it out.  I think that was my biggest fear . . . if I am just going to do this for the hockey team, and then keep my own scrapbooks the “traditional” books then I don’t want to spend a lot of money on digital supplies.

And some of the freebies are really cute!  This one would be so fun for a birthday party.


If you want to test out the digital world, you can download this freebie at


Right now you can get this My Memories software at a discounted price . . . use code STMMMS69390 when you check out and you will get $10 off!!!


As you know, I am all about tips to make your life easier or more creative, so as I am playing with the program and learning it I will share the tips and tricks I find with you.


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