Why am I still awake? CHA stuff

It is 11:26pm here in California . . . so that means it is 1:26am back at home . . . WHAT AM I DOING AWAKE!?!?!?!  CHA is seriously going to mess up my sleep patterns!  Different time zones, drinking more caffeine and all of the sparkles and glitter to look at . . . how can a girl sleep!!!!

So, I have been helping Megan from Above Rubies Studio by running the video camera for her booth interviews on the CHA show floor.  During some of the time I am not behind the camera and Megan is doing demos I have gotten a chance to go and check out some of the booths on my own . . . and asking people about products I could use for some of my favorite things . . . like Disney Pixar projects and hockey projects.  I have found several different companies that have products that have a red, black and white theme that I think would be PERFECT for a Disney projects!

Now, on one of my adventures out I was walking by Jinger Adams booth and she has a new line of sports themed papers.  So it was later in the day, and Jinger and her assistants were sitting at the table at her booth.  As I walked in I don’t even really remember how the conversation started and I must have said something about it being late in the day on day 2 of the show and how everyone is looking a little more tired.  Jinger said “Well have a seat” and I sat down at the fourth chair at the table.  She then offered me some of the candy from their basket, and I said that as long as there was milk chocolate in it then we could count that as health food, right . . . the joke continued to be if it had a fruit creme center that would be the food groups and that takes care of two of the basic food groups. Jinger thought that was so funny.

So get this, she then says “I’m Jinger” and starts to introduce herself . . . I laughed and said “Oh my gosh . . . I cannot believe you thought you needed to introduce yourself.  Yes, I know who you are.”  So said “Let me introduce myself.  My name is Shawn Mosch and I have a website called MyCutSearch.com, which is a searchable database of images found on Cricut cartridges . . .  you might have heard of this Cricut machine . . . lots of these crafty people that come to these events use them.”  She laughed and said “Hmm . . . I think I have heard of them.”  Then she said “You are cute . . . I like you”

I went on to tell her about our site, what we do, my Disney Pixar Blog Hops and the hockey yearbooks that I make.  I even had the guts to tell her that I think she needed to add hockey papers to her new sports line.  OMG . . . who do I think I am!?!?!?  She said that I was not the first one to mention it, and she is thinking she is going to have to add that.  Then she gave me 2 PACKS of some of her papers!

It is kind of funny because I was not going to stop at her booth because I thought that “little old me” would be too little of a deal for her to even listen to my story of what I do . . . but she did, and if even for a few minutes it was like we were just hanging out joking around.  I was really impressed.

Anyway, I just had to share that.  I will get pictures of all of the products and papers up on the site soon.   Until the you can check out Megan’s video interview with Jinger (that I was operating the camera for)

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  1. Awesome! You must be having a blast! Thanks for asking for the hockey paper. I'm always on the hunt for that.

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