Why do I do this?

I am having one of those moments . . . I am sitting at the computer working on updating the MyCutSearch.com database with new cartridges, just like I did yesterday, and I am looking at my craft room/sewing room/office and I have things that need to be ironed, pants that need to be mended for my daughter, crafting supplies all over everywhere that need to be cleaned up and organized.  Plus, I know that there is a pile of laundry to do, the house needs to be cleaned and oh so much more on my “to do list”, but what am I doing today while my husband and daughter are at a baseball game?  Sitting at the computer entering data into the MyCutSearch.com site to make cartridges searchable.  I only have 20 left and then I will be caught up on all of the cartridges that are available on the Cricut Cartridge Library (they still have not posted the handbooks from last month’s Hello Thursday release so there is nothing I can do about those . . . and who know how many more will come out this Thursday)

But even once I am “caught up” I will not be done.  There are images and cuts that people have contacted me letting me know I missed, or additional features people would like to see added.  So here I sit in my basement on a Sunday afternoon, with a pain in my shoulder so bad that one of my fingers and my thumb are going numb as I type, entering data into the website.

I guess this is my way of venting . . . especially to all of those people who talk about how we are doing what we do for the money . . . what money?!?!  The small amount that we get off of ads?  If I did the math, I would be working for a couple of bucks an hour or less this whole weekend.

So for everyone that says we are doing this for the money, I just want to let you know that I could be making a LOT more if I would stop doing this and would have gone into my “real job” this weekend.

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  1. But we LOVE what you do for us!!
    I love searching on your site and it makes things soooooo much easier so again THANKS for all your HARD work 🙂

  2. I love your site and I don't care if you are doing it for money. I use it alot and if you can make money at it, more power to you!!

  3. Seriously, Shawn — TAKE A BREAK! Go upstairs, go outside. Have a nice, relaxing beverage (margaritas come to mind) and breathe in some fresh air. No website – no search engine is worth risking your physical and mental health. Numbness in your hands is your body's way of saying STOP IT! Trust me, I know — three carpal tunnel surgeries and tons of nerve damage later.

    We love MyCutSearch — but we love you more!

    ~ Jen @ Musings of A Crafty Mom

  4. Ohhh maybe those ppl that say that would like to pay you some money. Don't let anyone bring you down. They are just jealous they can't do it. Get off the computer g/f and go enjoy your Sunday.
    krazykcrafters at msn dot com

  5. This post makes me sad. Please know there are some of us out here that truly appreciate you & what you do immensely! Go do something for yourself right now, preferably something FUN. The handbooks and images can wait, and like you said yourself there'll just be more when these are done.

  6. I love your site. Keep up the awesome work, you know we love you for doing this for us. I hope you have had the time to go outside and play or have a cup of tea.


  7. When something you love doing starts to feel like work… you need to step away from it for a while. I love the mycutsearch.com sight. But take a break! We can wait til you are ready!

  8. I love what you do. Now step away from the computer, enjoy yourself. It's not worth the stress. I never thought for one second when I'm doing a search, wow, they are making so much money. Instead I think what a lifesaver this is but I also think you should do it when time permits and enjoy your time with other things as well. No one will die without and if they do then they had problems to begin with. Thanks for what you do.

  9. go out and have some fun!! The work will always be there, but you need to take care of yourself first. We do appreciate what you do, but don't make it all that you do. Take care of your self and doing this will start to be fun again.


  10. I love your site. Just think… You are doing this for a reason you don't see yet. My husband created a website and updated it and kept it going for free as a service to people. Next thing you know, someone wanted to buy the site and he got like $5000! Keep up the good work Honey, it will pay off.

    Amy Jo (follower)
    amyjrockstar at gmail dot com

    I have another suggestion for ya.. Why don't you ask for some volunteers to help? Kind of like how people have Design Teams… I'd possibly be able to. Let me know what you think!

  11. Thank you for all that you!! Know you are appreciated by all of us.


  12. This makes me so sad 🙁 I'd be lost without your site and I only have 13 cartridges (I couldn't imagine having more w/o out your site)! I've never thought for one second that you do what you do for the money! I say take a break. Those of us who appreciate you will completely understand!

    Tiffany – sparkledmemories.blogspot.com/

  13. There are many out here that really appreciate what you've done for the Cricut community, me included. But what you do is certainly not worth harming your health! How can other bloggers help you? Is there anything we can do? If you got a good number of people to pitch in, I bet we could help catch you up on those carts, without so much strain on yourself. I'll offer my help. I love My Cut Search!!–Pat N. panoppenatcomcastdotnet

  14. I just wanted to thank all of you that sent me words of encouragement yesterday when I was having a "bad day". I needed that. I am going into the chiropractor to have them look at the pain and numbness issues.

  15. Only the people who haven't taken a few moments to get to know you would say that you do anything for the money… Since I've discovered the 'person' behind the site, I'm even more impressed with what you do (I've long been including your site info during the Cricut classes that I teach… Now I add that it is 'my friend, Shawn' who presents this site and I encourage them even MORE to go and support you)… I wish I had a stack of money that I could send you for all of your hard work, because I so appreciate the fact that I can search for pretty much anything while I'm crafting (your site is a favorite on my smarty phone, ya know!!).

    Your post has reminded me that while I may not be able to help you out financially like you deserve, I certainly can remind you from time to time of how much your time and sacrifice means to me…

    Thank you so much, Shawn… Your gift is truly one from the heart.

    Amy 🙂 at lovetocrop.com

  16. It is very hard to not let the words that people speak hurt or bother you, but if you are going to stay sane…it is a necessary trait to learn! I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of time that you put into your amazing site for all of us. There are few days that go by that I'm not on mycutsearch.com looking for something! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do!!!! {{{HUGS}}}

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