Why do we craft?


Why do we craft?

This topic sort of came up on a crafting message board the other day.  Someone was talking about how people think that others craft items to save money.  If that were true, we would just go and buy the $3 card at the store rather than spending hours picking out the right embellishments . . . not to mention the cost of the die cuts and other tools we have in our craft room.

So if it is not to save money, why do we do what we do?

Personally, I think I craft as a form of therapy.  I need to get away from others and focus on something, or sometimes just not think about anything really important at all.  It helps me to relax and unwind.  It is also exciting to see something that was just an idea in your head come to life right in front of you.  I know that for things like Halloween costumes for the kids, they loved that they could ask to be anything in the world, and they knew that (somehow) Mom would make it happen.

There is just something about knowing that you made it that makes it feel more special.  You put the time and energy into it for the other person, or as our family says “I put LOVE in it”.

So, why do you craft?

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