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My 18 year old son recently moved out of our house, and I wanted to turn his old bedroom into a guest room that could also be used as my crafting room.  At first I thought about going with a pink and brown color scheme, but I changed my mind for a couple of reasons . . .

I did not want pink walls altering the way any fabrics or papers might look

I did not want to make my Father-in-law sleep in a pink room when he comes over

I wanted to use the red shelves that were already in the room

I did not want to feel like I needed to repaint if we decide to move in a few years

So, I decided on going with a black and white room with a red accent, since my son already had some red shelves in the room.  He also had black room darkening curtains on the window.


Pretty boring. I did not want to buy all new curtains, but I wanted to dress this up a little, so I made a swag for the window.  Since these were rod pocket curtains I could not just loop the swag over the rod as you would in a “normal” swag, so I added long strips of fabric to each side . . . it almost looks like an apron.


I then attached D-rings to the outside edge of the panels. This allowed me to loop the long ties through the D-rings, adjust the length and play with it until I got it to a position I liked.


In the above photo you can also see the bedding set (from Sam’s Club) that we went with . . . there were others that I loved at other stores, but I did not want to spend a ton of money on this “makeover”, so we went with the basic black and white that was a bargain price.


After I had the swag at a length I liked, I just looped the tie around and knotted it, and let the remaining fabric hang down.  So for less then $10 and one afternoon on my sewing machine I turned this plain boring teenager’s window treatment into a fun classy guest room/craft room window treatment.

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