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My family recently moved, and putting my craft room has been a work in progress.  I wanted to wall of cubes to put things where I could access them quickly while crafting, and the one I had seen at IKEA was not longer available, so I have kind of been on the hunt for the perfect piece.  I wanted the cubes to be large enough to put scrapbooking supplies, and since most scrapbook paper is 12×12, this means the clear space inside the cubes needed to be LARGER than 12″ so I could place paper inside of it without worrying about the edges getting crumpled up.

Just the other day I saw Okie of chatting on a Facebook group about a cube wall unit by Better Homes and Garden, sold at Walmart.  She was wondering if anyone had purchased this, and if you could fit 12×12 scrapbook paper inside of the cubes. 

It seemed like other had seen this storage unit, but no one had purchased it.  After reading some of the info about this storage piece online, I decided I was going to give it a try and see if it would work for what I needed.

Well, it was delivered yesterday!  I actually purchased 2 of them, along with some of the fabric cube inserts to go inside of them.  I am VERY happy to report that 12×12 scrapbook paper WILL fit inside of these cubes!  Below is a photo I took of my Cricut mat inside one of the cubes.


So if the Cricut mat fits easily inside the cube, 12×12 stacks of paper will also fit . . . NO PROBLEM!

I cannot wait to get the other unit put together and start to fill this with all of my crafting supplies!


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  1. Wow! that's a great price too. And it holds 12 x 12 perfectly. How nice is that. Thanks for doing the research for us. BL

  2. Stephanie B's Creative Designs here. I JUST GOT SHELVES FOR MY ROOM TOO!! Just stopping by to share some BOGGIE LOVE!! BL

  3. isn't great when you find that one thing that makes your fitting of crafts stuff great?! tfs and good luck on outting it together from BL group E catching up

  4. I too just moved and looked at the shelf from Ikea. I picked up the cube and a desk. I picked up the cubes & put together but I had to fly back out so no pictures at the moment. I'm hoping to get back home and share my "Thankful Blessing" this month. I love the ones you picked up from Walmart bec it has the backing. Ikea don't have the back but their very sturdy. Can't wait to see more. Happy BL An'Jenic

  5. Oh so good to know! Can't wait to see the finished look!! I'm Connie from the BL group. Hello!! Scrappy hugs and bloggie love! New follower too!

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