Woven Heart Garland

Last week I shared a post about creating a woven heart with a braided bracelet die by designer Marisa Pawelko sold by Sizzix.  If you missed that post, you can click HERE for all of the details.  I decided to take that project to the next level by creating a woven heart garland.

woven heart garland Valentine's Day

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Cut Your Paper

You will start with the braided bracelet die from the Marisa Pawelko line from Sizzix.  Cut several of these bracelet shapes in colors and patterned cardstock.  In my examples below I am using two different shades of pink so that you can see the weaving pattern.  Once you have the bracelet pieces cut from the cardstock, cut all of them in half as shown below.

woven heart

Weave Your Paper

Next, you weave the pieces together at an angle. See how it forms a heart?

woven heart

Next I used my Zig Glue pen to glue down the ends of the paper. Let this dry and then you can trim off the excess paper.

The bonus of using this template I used is that there was already a hole at the top, so I was able to easily string them together for a little garland or banner.

woven heart garland

You can string the hearts on a thin piece of ribbon, thread or string.

woven heart garland

This woven heart garland is a perfect Valentine’s Day item for the shelf in my craft room.

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