Woven Heart with Sizzix and Marisa Pawelko

I love it when you have a crafting tool that was made for one use, but you can find a second use for it. That is exactly what I am going to show you with today’s project.

The idea for this project all started when I saw a woven paper heart project for Valentine’s day.  The base cut for the project reminded me of the woven bracelet shape from Marisa Pawelko’s die with Sizzix.


I started off by cutting the bracelet shape out of two different shades of pink paper.  You can use the row of dots that are also cut with this die for another project since we will not need them for this.


Next I cut both of the bracelet pieces in half as shown below.

DSCN1402 1

Then I start to weave one into the other, just like those woven place mats we have all made out of paper back in grade school.


Tighten things up and shift the pieces so that there are no gaps.  Turn them on an angle so that the rounded portion is at the top . . . do you see the heart now?

DSCN1406 1

The last step is to simply secure the pieces with a little adhesive so that they stay nice and flat, and then trim off the excess.  Now you have two little woven hearts!


Since this die cut is intended for making a bracelet, there are small holes at the top of the heart.  You could use those to thread some ribbon through and tie these hearts onto a card or other crafting project.  If you sealed these so that the paper would not tear you might even be able to make a necklace.

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