All About Cotton Book Review

I have fallen in love with crochet again!  Crocheting was something my mother taught me to do as a child, and I made a few blankets over the years but never really did much else with it until the past year.  Thanks to the wonderful books by, I have fallen back in love with crochet.  I started off with blankets, since that is what I knew so well, but then I made some baby toys,  a pillowheadbands and messy bun hats.

I think my favorite thing about crafting is that I can see something in a store or in a book that will inspire me, and then I can take that inspiration and create something that is all my own.  That is exactly what I did with the book All About Cotton.

Crochet home decor

One of the projects in this book is a water bottle carrier.  I wanted to make one of these since when my family went on vacation to Walt Disney World recently I ended up carrying the water bottles we bought.  This little carrier would have been a perfect way for me to hold the water bottle over my shoulder and not loose track of it.

And since I am a Disney fan, and what inspired me was the need for a bottle carrier while at Disney, of course I had to make it in Mickey Mouse colors!


The project in the book used a variegated yarn, which looked really pretty since it will make its own pattern when the colors change in the yarn, but I wanted something “magical” and what is more magical than Mickey Mouse!


I added a couple of buttons that I had to the front to make it look more like Mickey’s pants.


There are a lot of great projects in this book that would be a wonderful way to use up small pieces of yarn.  We all have them . . . the left overs from other projects . . . too big to throw away and so small you don’t know what to do with them.

Another project I might want to try from this book is the oval baskets.  I love that each one is slightly different and has their own personality with the various edging details.

Crochet home decor

If you are brand new to crocheting, or you have been creating with yarn for a while, you can find something new to try from the books by  Their books are always easy to follow, have great photos and help you to create what you are inspired to make. Website  // Blog  // Facebook // Pinterest

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