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Assemble Larger Than Mat Projects

Have you been following along with my UP Classroom project? If not, click HERE to go to the first post and see all of the steps from beginning to end. Once you are done you will know how to upload an image from the internet, clean it up in Cricut Design Space, use Contour to created colored layers, resize that image to make it larger than the standard Cricut mat, use Slice to divide layers that are larger than the standard mat and now today we will go over how to assemble Larger Than Mat Projects after cutting the pieces.

In my last post, we were still working in Cricut Design Space. We had just gotten done dividing the black background layer into four sections. Since we created colored layers for this image, when we click Make It, the Cricut will automatically separate those various colors on to the correct colored mats for us.

Cricut Cutting Mat order

Load the mats with the correct color of cardstock in the order shown in the previews on this page. Once you are done cutting we will start to assemble the larger than mat project.

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Here is a little tip!

If your Cricut cutting mat is not as sticky as it used to be, you can use Painter’s Tape to secure down a couple of sides of your cardstock. This helps so that you can use your mats even longer.

Tape your paper to your Cricut mat

The next part is kind of like putting a puzzle together. Lay out all of the black background pieces that you cut, as shown in the image below.

assemble Larger than mat project sections

I use regular old Scotch Tape to secure my sections together. I do this on the back side of the larger than mat project, so that you will not see the tape in the final project.

Once you flip this over, you can barely see the seams. Now we will add the colored layers on top of this. That will also help to hide these seams.

assemble Larger than mat project

Adding Colored Layers

Place all of your colored layers on top of the background piece, kind of like a giant puzzle. I don’t glue anything down until after I have everything arranged so that I have a better idea of spacing for everything.

assemble Larger than mat project Disney

You can use a tape runner and my Zig glue pen to apply adhesive to the back of each piece. Just work one piece at a time. For things like the chimney, you can glue down the top and the bottom brown pieces, and then evenly space out the other brown pieces. I even used a brown marker to make a doorknob on the front door.

UP house

Laminate and Hang

UP classroom

After the assembly was done, the entire house was laminated. This helped to make it a little sturdier so it could last longer. Now it can just be taped to the wall or to a bulletin board.

Up classroom

Bakers twine was used for the strings from the balloons to the chimney. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and that it helped you to understand how to assemble Larger Than Mat Projects using your Cricut.

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