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Crafting Supplies

If you are new to crafting, you might be wondering what crafting supplies you need to get started. For me, in order to answer that question first I need to know what you want to make. You wouldn’t walk into a store and say “I got a new oven. What do I need to go with it?” before thinking about what to cook or bake in that oven.

For all of these crafting projects listed below, I recommend that you have a Cricut machine. You will also need to learn to use Cricut Design Space. There are lots of Cricut Design Space tutorials on my site. I also offer a free Teach Me Cricut Design Space handbook that you can download HERE. Additionally, I offer one on one support that is as close to you get to being in my craft room with me without buying a plane ticket!

Cricut machines

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I am going to break these lists down by the type of crafting. All of the lists of supplies will include a clickable link to make your shopping easier.

Crafting Supplies for Scrapbooking

I have been scrapbooking for years. This is my list of must have supplies for scrapbooking to get you started.

For the actual scrapbook, I love the ones from Creative Memories. They are a good sturdy book and they come in a variety of colors.

Creative Memories also sells page refills and clear protective sleeves. I have a video about a little trick I use to put the clear protective sleeves on to my pages.

Once you cut the elements for your scrapbook, you will need to stick them in the book. I like using a tape runner to cover the large areas of my embellishments. When you use the tape runner, it applies a double sided adhesive to your embellishments. I highly recommend finding a refillable tape runner that you like. This will save you money in the long run since you will only need to by refills for that one style of tape runner.

The other adhesive product that I love is my Zig glue pen. This little pen is perfect for getting glue on those small little areas, or areas that are too small for the tape that comes out of your tape runner.

Crafting Supplies for Card Making

The list of must have supplies for card making is very similar to the one for scrapbooking. Here are the basics that you can get started with.

I in no way consider myself an expert card maker. I have a great tutorial on making a basic card that you can see HERE. The box cards and unique shaped cards that I have made have always been a big hit with friends and family.

After you have been making cards for a while, you might want to get more advanced or creative by using stamps, inks, colored pencils, markers. There are a log of people out there that focus just on cardmaking. Some that I follow are Stamp A Rainbow and the entire team at Gina K Designs.

One thing that I like to do is use a stencil and some inks on a card. This is a simple way to start to play with inks.

Next is a tool that I do not have, but I really do not do that much with stamping on my cards. It is on my list of things to get once I am caught up on my scrapbooking and have more time to play with my stamps. I am talking about the Misti. It is the amazing stamp positioning tool. The thing I love about it is that if you stamp an image and there was not enough ink on the stamp it allows you to reink and restamp in the exact same spot!

Another thing that can be a nice to have item to use when making cards with your Cricut are the Cricut pens. I have an article that talks in detail about how to write with the Cricut pens that you can read HERE.

Crafting Supplies for Making Shirts

When I first got my Cricut I never imagined I would end up making shirts with it. I have learned a lot from trial and error, so let me list the supplies that I feel are a must have for making shirts.

I have some great tutorials on the full process for making shirts. For your first shirt, I recommend starting with a one color design like the one HERE. Once you get more comfortable you can move into layering vinyl and making multi colored designs on shirts.

There are many different brands of heat transfer vinyl on the market. I have tried several of them and by far my favorite is Siser. I love how easy it cuts and weeds.

You can purchase Siser vinyl at
Expression Vinyl
Heat Transfer Warehouse
Siser vinyl on Amazon

Also, I feel that if you are making shirts you need to have a heat press. I absolutely love mine from Planet Flame, and I have a full review of it HERE. If space is an issue you can get by with an Easy Press from Cricut, but if you have the room go with the one from Planet Flame.

Some people will say that you need a light pad for weeding your vinyl. I have one and I rarely use it. For me, having good overhead lighting is what makes it easier to see the cut lines in the vinyl.

Another thing that is nice to have is heat resistant tape. This tape is not something I used on every project, but when I am trying to hold something in exactly the right spot it is a life saver.

Crafting Supplies for Making Stickers

When I talk about making stickers, I am talking about everything from cute stickers that the kids will want to put on their school supplies, to the more grown up planner stickers. Stickers could even be made for custom labels on wine bottles or placed on the top of canning jars.

For all of the directions plus my tips and tricks about how to make stickers, head over to my Making Stickers article HERE.

Is there something you want to make that is not listed here? Leave me a comment and I can add that list of supplies to this list. That way this can become your one stop shop for the answer to the question “What crafting supplies do I need?”


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