Planet Flame Heat Press Review

Tonight I did my first ever glitter iron on vinyl project to test out my new Planet Flame Heat Press, using the Cricut brand glitter iron on vinyl.


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I cut the glitter vinyl on my Cricut and then pressed it on to a small bag.

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I wanted to give this heat press a TRUE TEST, so I used the Cricut brand glitter iron on vinyl since I have heard others saying that it is sometimes harder to get the glitter iron on to stick.

Here is the video of my very first press! We edited it so you don’t have to watch me just standing in front of the press for 30 seconds at a time so if you are thinking “wow, she pressed that really quick” just know it was edited down for your viewing pleasure.


I did repeat the entire recommended pressing process a couple of times from what Cricut for their glitter vinyl, and I think that because I was so excited to do this review and the video I did not think the fact that the zipper on the bag should probably have been to the outside, so that it was not getting in the way of the pressing process at all.  Like I said, this was my FIRST PRESS.  Learning curve.


I have to say, I was really impressed!  The glitter vinyl stuck really well.  It was a nice even press, with no little gaps or sections that felt like they were going to lift off.

The heat press was easy to use.  The very first time I went to open it, it felt like it was kind of stuck and would not lift, so before we even pre-heated the machine we held down the base with one hand so that we could lift the handle with the other hand, and that got the press to open right up.

I also like that the press is a nice and sturdy, and that it has a large working surface.  I did not need that big of a surface for this project, but it is nice to know that even my largest project will fit on this press.  When the timer goes off on the press, there is a high pitch noise so there is no way you can miss that time is up.

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