Back to School Shirt with Cricut and Siser

It is that time of year when everyone starts to think about back to school shopping. You can make this time of year more fun with a back to school shirt with Cricut and Siser. Make sure to read all the way to the end of this post. I have partnered with Siser for a contest and you could win a prize pack from them!

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Materials needed for this project

  • a shirt
  • HTV/iron on vinyl – colors listed below
    • Florescent Red Siser StripFlock Pro
    • Fluorescent Green Siser StripFlock Pro
    • Lemon Siser EasyWeed
    • Cobalt Blue Siser EasyWeed
    • Sky Blue Siser EasyWeed
    • Orange Siser EasyWeed
    • White Siser EasyWeed
    • Charcoal Siser EasyWeed
  • a heat source (I like to use a Heat Press)
  • parchment paper or a light towel
  • weeding tool
  • Cricut Design Space software
  • Cricut cutting mat (I use the green mat)
  • cardboard shirt cut out (optional)

Back to School Shirt Designs

First, choose a Back to School shirt design that you want to cut with your Cricut. You can find images and sayings in Cricut Design Space, or from various websites that provide svg files, or you can even design your own image.

layered vinyl iron on Siser

Choosing Colors

Once you have your image picked out you can change the colors of the image to match the vinyl you want to use. If you want to change any of the colors, just click on the part of the design that you want to change the color of. For example, in the image below I have click on the word INTO. You can tell it is selected because there is a small selection window around just the word INTO. Also, when you look at the layers panel to the right, you can see that the letters for the word INTO all have a darker color to the backgroun of their line on the layers panel. This is how you can tell which pieces you have selected.

TIP: If you are having a hard time picking parts of the design by clicking on the image, try clicking on the line of the layers panel to select things instead. If you hold down your shift key on your keyboard, that allows you to select multiple layers at the same time.

Depending on your image, you might have to UnGroup the layers first before you can select one layer at a time.

selecting items in Cricut Design Space

I knew I wanted to use some really bright colors for this project, so I looked through all of my Siser vinyl to find the best colors. Take a close look at the word ROARING and the dinosaur for this project. I cut these from the Siser StripFlock Pro product. Can you see the slight texture in them as compared to the rest of the vinyl? They seems to stand out even more, and they are soft to the touch.

back to school Cricut Siser

Once you have all of your colors set, I like to select everything in the design and group it together. This allows me to adjust the size of all of the pieces and parts at the same time. The group button is in the upper right side of the screen, at the top of the layers panel.

Group in Cricut Design Space

Cut with the Cricut

Now it is time to cut all of the layers. Since you have the shirt set up by colors, each color will automatically go to a different cutting mat. All you have to do is load the mats in the right order. Don’t forget to mirror your image. I put a big blue arrow on the image below to show you where the Mirror button is.

This is really important when using HTV/iron on vinyl. You will be cutting through the back side of the vinyl, so you need to mirror the image for things to come out correctly when pressing.

mirror in Cricut Design Space

Once all of your layers are cut and weeded, lay them out on your shirt so you can determine the spacing and positioning of everything. Then start with the largest background piece. For this, I pressed the charcoal gray background of the dinosaur first. This made it so much easier to position and place the rest of the layers.

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All HTV/iron on vinyl projects

I get my vinyl from Heat Transfer Warehouse. The carry the best brands and you can purchase large rolls instead of getting small sheets, which ends up saving you money.

Enter The Contest!

Also make sure to enter the contest we have going on with Siser! Once the winner is picked, Siser will contact you to ship you some free vinyl! Then you can show me your back to school shirt with Cricut and Siser.

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