Beach Vibe Card

Do you ever need a really simple and quick card?  This beach vibe card could not BE more simple!


I had a stack of cardstock with brightly colored tropical cardstock, and there was a white palm tree pattern along the bottom edge.  I knew that I would not want to use this specific sheet of cardstock in a scrapbook layout, since I would not want to cover up that beautiful palm tree design with photos. Instead I decided to use it for a beach vibe card for my daughter’s birthday.

I used my paper trimmer to cut the piece of cardstock exactly in half, and then I folded it over.  This allowed me to have two 6 x 6 square cards out of this one piece of cardstock.  Then I cut a square stamp frame out of white cardstock just slightly smaller using my Cricut. I think it was about 5.75 x 5.75 square.  This really helped to frame the palm trees on the card.


I hope that this project inspired you to look at your patterned cardstock for other ways to use it or to frame up the images on that cardstock for a quick and easy card.

You can also check out my tutorial on how to make a basic card in Cricut Design Space HERE.

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